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I'm Kyle, and I forget when I start my laundry. Also, I am a small human being and apparently a college student. I laugh a lot - usually in my brain, and usually when nobody else laughs. Oh, and I've probably consumed more Skittles than any other human being on planet earth.
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Guest Post 2.0!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

(This guest post comes courtesy of my dear friend Chelsea, or, as my phone calls her, Chelsea Is The Best Ever. Quite the name, right? Chelsea is an amazing person and a great friend, and was kind enough to accept the invitation to be a guest blogger, and for that, I am grateful.

Once again, this is her chosen topic - I hope you enjoy it!)

So this is my very first blog post…ever! So no judgment, please! First off, I would love to say that Kyle is the best guy friend I've ever had (till my husband comes along at least)!! He is such a fantastic guy and some girl will be very lucky someday! I know he hates when people write about him so that’s all I will say on the matter. So here it is…Life is an interesting idea. I have been alive for 24 years and I have not even come close to understanding the way God works; he definitely works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure! I would like to say I am a put together person and very independent which is why I have needed some humbling experiences in the past few months. Whenever trials come upon us, I feel like we usually ask why it is happening to us? That has been happening ever since I moved to Salt Lake. Life is hard, I already knew that but working through your trials is a perfect way to show Heavenly Father how much faith you really have when it comes down to it. I try to be the best I can be even when I’m not going through tribulation but I can become complacent and that is usually when we are tested. Staying close to God can be difficult when everything is going well in your life. Everyone goes through trials; it is how we deal with it that sets us apart. Luckily, I was able to get over my pride during these trials and know that everything would work out. It took me a while to get to that point though, even when I knew God was there for me every step of the way. I always keep that in mind, but it doesn't stop you from becoming depressed. There were times when I would just want to move home to Oregon so I could get away from everything; it was rough. I never really showed to anyone how I was truly felt because I tried to stay happy and not let myself get down; but Satan works harder when we are in our low points to make us feel terrible about ourselves. I must admit…it worked at times. I thought of myself as stupid and worthless sometimes, even though everyone told me I wasn't. Only you can decide your feelings, whether good or bad! When I was feeling down one day, I started looking through some papers on my desk and came across two quotes that really hit me. It said, “No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted.” -Orson F. Whitney and, “Enduring adversity is not the only thing you must do to experience a happy life. How you react to adversity and temptation is a critical factor in whether or not you arrive at your own ‘happily ever after.’” –Dieter F. Uchtdorf. After reading those, I had tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. I knew that with faith and staying strong to the things I know are true, everything would end up the way it is supposed to. I still have my doubts obviously, even though I shouldn't but things have been going more my way lately so that is always a plus So what I’m getting at is to never give up, endure to the end and you can have your own happily ever after! Even if it may not be exactly what you wanted, you will find that whatever happens is the best thing for you.

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