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My Own Dream

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

If I could write out my own dream...

Can you imagine what I'd see?

Can I imagine what I'd see?

If I could write out my own dream, where would it begin, and where would it end? Would you have a part to play?

Would you like one?

If I could write out my own dream, what sort of dream would I create? Would I be happy, or sad? Myself, or someone (or something) else? Alone, or surrounded? On the ground, or in the sky? Would I obey the same rules that govern my waking existence, or would I create my own? Would I say what I want to say and hear what I'd like to hear?

Or would I remain silent and, perhaps, hear what I'm afraid of hearing?

If I could write out my own dream, would I ever want to wake up? Would I prefer my dream to reality? Would I wake up disappointed to discover my dream was just that - a dream - then spend each day simply watching as the world went by, passing the time until I could slip back into my dream?

I wouldn't, would I?

Or maybe, in order to avoid this disappointment, I wouldn't write a dream, but a nightmare...

I wouldn't do that either, would I?

If I could write out my own dream, I'm sure barriers would fall. I'm sure I would be free.


If I could write out my own dream, what would I fear more - sleeping, or waking? Complete control, or the unknown - the mystery? My own answers to my own questions, or questions that remain unanswered?

If I could write out my own dream...would I dare?

If I could write out my own dream, I like to think I'd get it right. But maybe it doesn't really matter. Maybe I should remember and embrace the fact that I can't write out my own dream - that what I put to paper tonight is not what I'll see once my head meets my pillow.

Maybe that is freedom.

Maybe I should just live my dream instead.


Kyle said...

p.s. This line comes from one of my current favorite songs entitled "Sweet Dream" by Greg Laswell. Look it up, love it, and locate the repeat button.

Of course, the song and this post are completely different, but the line got me thinking. Also, this post, like most others, is a very incomplete thought, and my thoughts on the matter will definitely change from day to day. Yup.

The Lady said...

I love that song. But my favorite Greg Laswell song is his cover of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". Beautiful.

Great post by the way.


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